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The Koyfman Difference

Why are we considered the best colonic and internal cleansing in the Atlanta area?

Where should you go to remove toxins from your body, unclog your insides… and get healthy?

Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing offers unique cleansing services with proprietary systems and processes. 


You can't get these anywhere else in the world.

Our focus is on detoxing your body from a range of harmful chemicals, disease, and conditions than can develop. 


Our processes have been refined over 40 years.They were developed by Dr. Yakov Koyfman who traveled around the world, and studied the best techniques being used.


He took the best processes, added his unique techniques to make them efficient, refined these over time, resulting in these remarkable proprietary processes. 

Our “open” and “closed” colonics systems have been adjusted to be more effective, and we think they’re the best you can find anywhere. And the specialized internal cleanses we have developed, using a variety of techniques, clean out more than your colon (large intestine) — they also clean your small intestine, liver, gall, bladder, stomach, pancreas and sinuses.


Plus, if you you really want to fully rejuvenate and live your best life, you can take advantage of the multiple methods and processes in combination, to work powerfully together. Our specialists adjust them to your experience with the process, and your needs. 

That’s why people travel from around the country and come to KC&WBC.


That’s why they come in uncomfortable and sluggish… and go out our doors rejuvenated.

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Testimonials about the best colonic and internal cleansing programs in Atlanta area


“What Are They Saying…?”


Caleb Allen

Copper Hill, TN


Caleb had been battling a series of serious toxin problems. He spent just over a month at Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing when Caleb made these comments…


"Energized! I had a water retention problem and with my first treatment I noticed an enormous amount of excess fluid. I saw a noticeable decrease in weight. I had first delivered a baby three weeks prior. People have noticed the difference. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is looking for an alternative to traditional medicine for a variety of maladies. I will continue with my treatments. They definitely have given me energy and more resistance to daily stress."

Katherine Phelps
Publisher, Today's Atlanta Woman

"It is widely understood among the Alternative Medical community that 80% of the immune system is maintained in the gut as GALT (Gastro Associated Lymphoid Tissue).  As a Medical Doctor practicing Holistic Medicine, I state with confidence that there is no better system for detoxification of the body and boosting the immune system than that created by my friend and colleague, Dr Yakov Koyfman.


"My last liver cleanse provided me with a most remarkable experience to date.  Days after the cleanse I realized that I had absolutely no joint pains even after very demanding martial arts work-outs.

I would highly recommend your system to anyone interested in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine."

Best regards,
Dr. VB

Weight Loss


Before 285 lb             16 visits

After 222lb     

A few months later 190lb


Roy Bryant, age 59 was very sick.  High Blood Pressure, sugar, swollen leg and weight of 285 lb. 


"My Aunt and cousin told me about this Russian doctor and his staff and all the wonders they experienced in the Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing. After only sixteen treatments I weighed 222 lb. (I started  at 285). My blood pressure is much lower and my blood pressure medication was reduced two times. My joints are not swollen I don’t get water retention any more and don’t feel bloated. Feels like all of my body systems are functioning much better. This is so much more than I ever expected. I am amazed. I am rejuvenated. I am alive again!

I want to thank my aunt, cuisine, the doctor and God for sending me this way."




“I am excited to tell you about the marvelous results I have seen and felt in doing your complete Whole Body Cleansing program for the last year plus (even moved from MD to participate more fully). 

When I started the program I had severe adrenal gland exhaustion—my energy has returned. I had a Hypo-Thyroid—that has improved. I had had extensive rash on my back and chest for years—had seen many dermatologists with not much improvements—the rash is gone! My knees were painful with arthritis and difficult to go up and down stairs, bend or go up and down. Now there is seldom pain and the mobility is much improved.

"Friends now comment on how healthy my face and skin look. I have lost 30 pounds, too! And the most wonderful news I received this week is that a cyst in my breast (which I had for 2-3 years) is GONE!

Thanks for your knowledge and teachings that have helped me and so many others! Keep up that good work!"

— Sherry Clarke, age 65

"Since I started coming to the Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing for my procedures and was guided to a proper diet, all my problems just disappeared. It was amazing. Only a few visits and my hot flashes were gone for good, liver sourness was gone, I've lost 35 pounds in about 2 months and my energy jumped through the roof. I feel better and younger than I ever did in my life."
— Luda



"I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the services that I have received at the Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing Clinic over the last 4 years."



"I am a 44-year-old wife and mother of two. We recently experienced a fire in our home which put my 75-year-old mother (who suffers from emphysema) into the hospital …The stress and trauma of this experience sent my body into shock and my colon was unable to function. At first, I wasn't too concerned, and after a couple of weeks I was very worried. Needless to say, I was giving myself a daily enema. When I went to Dr. Koyfman and told him of my situation, he calmly told I would be fine if I did a series of exercises described in his book to strengthen my colon. I did the exercises  and was perfectly fine in about ten days and feel stronger and healthier than ever. I also followed his other recommendations and techniques described in his Healing Through Cleansing Book series."


“... I have suffered from constipation all of my life. Dr. Koyfman told me that I would need more than just colon cleanses to get rid of my problem, but I was amazed to see that even after my first procedure I felt so much better! I felt light and clean. I was even able to go to the restroom on my own without any laxatives or any other help. His staff is great and very knowledgeable. I can’t wait to feel even better...”
Tina K.


"I always thought of myself as a healthy, young, "clean" person, but decided to try Liver Cleansing just out of curiosity. I was amazed to see those green rocks coming out of me; me, who was always health-conscious and a vegetarian! I kept asking, "What is inside an older person who doesn't really follow any diet?" Everyone needs to experience body cleansing themselves to see what we carry inside of us. How can we still live with all the trash in our system?!"
Natasha Shiyan, 23 years old



Brain Fog

"Ever since I had my baby, 5 years ago, I have not been “normal”. Constant lack of energy, forgetfulness and bad mood. I haven’t been able to be good a mother or wife. I came across one of Dr. Koyfman’s books and it changed my life. I started applying his techniques to my daily routine and felt a huge difference. Then I decided to try his actual cleansing procedures and Oh, My God! I am reborn. My memory is great. I think clearly. My energy level jumped through the roof. I finally lost all the “baby weight.” It turned out that everything was caused by the candida overgrowth and hormonal imbalance. Dr. Koyfman was very knowledgeable in this matter and helped me very quickly. I am finally able to enjoy my family and not scared to have more kids. My whole life style changed and I am glad that now I can teach it to my kids."
--Rita K. N.Y, N.Y


I came all the way from New York to get help with the parasites in my lymphatic system. I stayed in Atlanta for 3 weeks and came to the Koyfman Center every day. The results are great! It was not my intention to lose weight, but I lost 15 pounds. The major problems: swelling of left leg, darkness and puffiness of left eye, toxic weight, parasites and low energy are much much better now.  I know that if I stayed longer, all of those problems would be gone completely. Much improvement, however, is evidenced.

"Thanks very much for your excellent treatments and for your caring and concern."


“I have had Asthma all my life. It’s been slowing me down and restricting in everything I did. Finally, at age 46 I found Dr. Koyfman! This man gave me life. By doing his amazing cleanses and following his dieting recommendations, my symptoms went down to zero in 6 weeks. I am amazed! And the greatest thing about it is that I do not have to rely on cleanses for the rest of my life, all I have to do is keep the asthma free diet that he suggested and use some natural preventative ancient methods. Dr. Koyfman, thank you for your knowledge, for your books and for being here, in Atlanta.  Forever grateful…"
Tom Green, 46




"My wife and I started the Whole Body Cleansing with Dr. Koyfman for several different reasons. 

"All my life I suffered from sinus infections. Two or three years ago I started having prostate problems and urinary tract infections.  My blood pressure was always elevated, 130/90.  After meals I felt tired and sleepy. 
After only 3 visits, my prostate pain is completely gone!  My blood pressure is 120/80.  I feel energized! No more antibiotics!

"My wife has severe arthritis.  She is only 29, but can barely walk and move around. After only a few visits, she feels a huge difference.  She has less joint pain.  Her knees, feet and hands are not swollen.  She can move easier and has more flexibility.  Her mood is much better and she looks forward to more results!  Thank You very much to the Koyfman Staff."
— Carlos (33 years old) and Adriana (29).



"The main thing I've noticed since coming here is that I have much more energy. Also, my eyes definitely look better, and I've lost weight. I used to be very lethargic in the mornings and now I actually get up earlier and with more energy. I've learned a lot and feel much better and really want to stay young.

“I really like coming here because, first of all, it's really fun. I enjoy the conversation and the laughter and the not taking everything so seriously. Also, I learn a lot; I can ask all the questions I want. It's nice to learn Russian, too. 

"Once you get over the uncomfortableness/awkwardness of the first colonic, it becomes much easier and quite interesting to see what comes out. I recommend not lying about what you eat because Yakov "knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness' sake."
- Claire, Professional Artist



Kidney Problems

"I passed a kidney stone (with a lot of pain) while in the hospital. Then I heard about Dr. Koyfman and his natural healing techniques. At that time I weighed 190 lbs (94-95 kg). Dr. Koyfman said that he would try to help me to eliminate another kidney stone, only this time without pain. I didn't believe him in the beginning, but when he explained everything to me, I decided his methods were reasonable and logical. I began the treatment, and passed approximately 150 greenish stones from my liver, mostly size 3.5 cm. I also lost 40 lbs (20 kg). His methods are based on a strict diet, but changing the diet does not mean an absence of food. I knew a lot of massage therapists in Moscow, and Dr. Koyfman is the best."
- Vadim


“...passing that kidney stone was not exactly fun, but I am glad I did it without surgery or other strange medical procedures and medications. Dr. Koyfman’s technique is very gentle and doable for anyone. Even before I got to the actual kidney cleansing, doing all the preparation cleanses made me feel much better. I did not have so much discomfort and pain in my kidneys. My sex life had improved drastically. I had more energy, etc. During my actual kidney cleansing, I started passing sand and small stones. Because of the good preparation the stones were mostly dissolved and broken down into small particles, which helped me pass them much easier. I am so glad I chose this method. I am a new man!”
Bob C.



I am cough free!

“...I have been coughing horribly all the time for over 10 years. It was caused by the chemical fumes I have worked with all my life. I thought it was hopeless and I’d never be cured from that discomfort. When I came to Dr. Koyfman, he recommended some dietary changes and cleansing procedures. He was very knowledgeable and it was easy to trust him. At first, stomach cleansing scared me, but it turned out to be very easy, gentle and most importantly effective. After my first stomach cleansing, I did not cough for 2 days. It was amazing! When the cough did come back, it wasn’t as strong and as often. After few more visits, I am cough free!...”                  
Donna R.



“I have been doing great and have lost a lot of weight, so much that I have to buy all new clothes. I have learned what diet works best for me as an individual and follow Dr. Koyfman's eating principles as closely as possible. I have gone from wearing a size 10 to a size 4!!!   Most people are shocked when I tell them that my body change is the result of clean eating, proper food combining and cleansing. I started my cleanses in August and by November I had lost 20 pounds all without a day of exercising. I am truly a walking billboard for the Koyfman Center - LOL. Dr. Koyfman's books are awesome and I read them over and over. They are well used!!

"With all that said, I know  I still have more toxins to get rid of and more toxic weight to lose.  I am so grateful and tell as many people as I can about you guys. At my next visit I will be sure to pick up some more business cards. If people would just follow Dr. Koyfman's instructions on cleansing, eating and health and wellness in general, they too would be on the road to optimal health. Like I said, I know I have a long way to go, but at least I am trying to get there. I eat to live and not live to eat!!!"

Warm Regards,



“After having 12 colonics, I decided to try the liver cleanse. I had read The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates and understood the importance of cleansing the liver for regaining one's health. I was nervous about the cleanse. I was afraid that I would feel very sick, as I am sensitive. However, I followed Dr. Koyfman's instructions exactly and was very pleased with the results. After the three-day juice fast, I drank Dr. Koyfman's solution, beginning at 8:30 on the third evening of the fast. I fell asleep at 11:00 and slept until 5:30 when I felt the need to expel. I was slightly nauseous, but that was fleeting. I was amazed and gratified to see the amount and size of the green stones being passed from my liver. I've got to feel better with all of that out of me!”
- Penny Perel

“My gallbladder surgery was scheduled for today, but when I woke up in the morning, I realized that God could not give me an unnecessary organ to be removed. Since I moved to Jacksonville, FL, I was not able to see Dr. Koyfman on regular basis, but that morning, without any prep or notice, I started driving. I called his center from the road and told him that I am all yellow, my gallbladder is overfilled with stones and I am driving to him to save me. 

"It was risky for him, but he could not turn his back on me. They stayed with me until very late that evening trying to prepare me the best way possible for the Liver Cleanse. Next morning we all started early. It was a hard work for everyone trying to get those stones out of my system, but we did it! I passed three stones 4cm in diameter. It was painful. They massaged it out eventually. I could feel them moving through my small intestine.

When I got back to Florida, I went for an ultrasound right away and was very happy to find out that my gallbladder was completely free of stones. My M.D. looked surprised and a little disappointed. I am very lucky to know about Dr. Koyfman and his center."
— Ronne M.


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