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Our programs give you the opportunity to select what you want to improve, and “to what extent.”


Many of these programs require a plan which combines our specialized detox techniques in order to be most  effective — so these toxins have an “unclogged” path to exit.


1. Koyfman Colonics — Open or Closed Systems

Everyone gets “clogged up” and gathers toxins over time, as we eat processed foods, which create a sticky waste that clings to your insides. A Koyfman Colonic uses a gentle, natural method of washing accumulated waste, toxins and parasites from the colon (large intestine; bowels). This allows proper elimination, absorption of nutrients, boost in immune health, and reduces recurring problems such as constipation and headaches. (Click here for more on the difference between the Open and Closed colonic systems)


2. Your Koyfman Consult

We’ll help you evaluate what’s going on in your body and recommend a course of treatment, based on your diet, health history and more. And we’ll recommend a course of action that will detox and cleanse your body. So you body can help itself.



3. Koyfman Upper Digestive System Cleansing

This cleanse cleans the stomach and upper digestive tract. (This used to be known as Whole Digestive System Cleanse.)


4. Small Intestine Cleanse

Parasites, yeast, heavy metals and more get caught up in the small intestine, and can cause brain fog, fatigue, and limit proper digestion. The small intestine can absorb these and other toxins into the blood and lymph system, and cause increased mucus that tries to fight off toxins, but also accumulates toxicity itself.


5. Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanse

Your liver is the body’s most important filter, removing and toxins that cause disease , and harsh chemicals such as pollution, nicotine, alcohol and drugs, chemical fumes, and a wide range of chemicals used in manufacturing products and packaged  food. These get stored in the liver, hampering its function, and collecting large amounts of toxins. Our unique and powerful process helps release these nasty pollutants and toxins, and allows your body to function properly.


6. Lymphatic System Cleanse

Your lymph system acts as a “sewer system” throughout your body, helping all cells find a pathway to rid themselves of waste products, which move through the blood to the kidney and colon. Toxins, dead cells and more must be eliminated from the body. The lymph system will store toxic mucus unless it’s regularly cleaned out.


7. FAR Infrared Sauna Cleanse

The Far Infrared Sauna we use is a superior system. It results in weight loss, activates lymph system, and cleanses the skin. It cleanses blood vessels, thyroid, gland, activates internal organs. Burn 2-3 times more than regular sauna, 200-600 calories in a 30-mnute session. Sweat out 7x more toxins than traditional saunas. Reduce blood pressure, with clinically- tested heating technology. Enhanced by our hot cleansing tea and organic juice to flush and nourish your body. Helps fight colds, flu and other infections. May accompany other processes and programs.

8. Sinus Cleanse

Your sinus filters the air you breathe, but that filter needs to be cleaned in order to work well. Our sinus cleanse rids you of dirt, pollen, dust mites, pollution, toxic mucus, and more. These can cause sinus headaches, congestion, ear infections, difficulty absorbing oxygen, asthma and more.



Come back and visit us at this website again soon…

…we’ll be adding some details about

these specialized programs we’ve developed, including…

  • Weight Loss

  • Parasite

  • Heavy Metals

  • and more!

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Open v. Closed

So which body cleansing and colonic services are best for me?


We can help you choose the system and process for cleaning, to meet your health goals.  Our programs include…


  1. Koyfman Colonics — Open and Closed Systems

  2. Your Koyfman Consult

  3. Koyfman Upper Digestive System Cleansing

  4. Small Intestine Cleanse

  5. Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanse

  6. Lymphatic System Cleanse

  7. FAR Infrared Sauna Cleanse

  8. Sinus Cleanse

  9. (Pricing For Services)


Here's more about these programs…


Upper Digestive
Small Intestine
Liver / Gall Bladder
Lymph Sytem
Infrared Sauna
If you’re walking around every day feeling bloated, constipated, sluggish, foggy… maybe it’s time you got your health and life back on track!
Open v. Closed
Open v. Closed

What’s the difference between the

Koyfman Open v. Closed Colonic Systems?


Both cleansing systems produce great results — and we've  fine-tuned, our processes and equipment  


The choice of Open or Closed colonic system can be personal preference, or with our guidance. Many people try both!


Koyfman Open Colonic System


This is a more “comfortable,” simple easy-to-use effective colonics system. We adjust the temperature and flow of the water at the beginning of your session, based on your experience with the process and your goals, we tell you how to use it and answer your questions, and then you run your own session.






Gravity Feed



“Easier” for many people, since you control it yourself



Easier to push out gas, water and blockages


May be better for some overweight people, at least for initial sessions


May be better for some Seniors, or others whose sphincter muscles are weak


Koyfman Closed Colonic System


Your therapist performs the procedure and stays with you throughout the procedure. This colnonic method has more water pressure and is most effective — it can feel more intense (you my feel some pressure, like a strong urge to use the bathroom), for a few moments at a time You’re also in control of this method, you tell specialist when to release pressure so you can evacuate. 




Regulated pressure



You get personal service throughout your session by your expert Koyfman specialist


  • Regulates pressure and procedure (you work with your specialist, may prefer their guidance, and you are always in control)


  • Massage manipulates stomach —  helps break up waste materials, move gas along lower intestinal tract, and release all water in the colon*

* This will come out naturally when you use the restroom, but is more efficiently released during the massage in the Koyfman Closed System. The specialists at Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing can advise what kind of colonic  treatment you need, and how colonics combine with other methods to eliminate toxicity and boost your overall health.

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Pricing for our Services

To view, please click on pdf

When I started the program I had severe adrenal gland exhaustion—my energy has returned. I had a Hypo-Thyroid—that has improved. I had had extensive rash on my back and chest for years—had seen many dermatologists with not much improvements—the rash is gone! My knees were painful with arthritis and difficult to go up and down stairs, bend or go up and down. Now there is seldom pain and the mobility is much improved.
Friends now comment on how healthy my face and skin look. I have lost 30 pounds, too! And the most wonderful news I received this week is that a cyst in my breast (which I had for 2-3 years) is GONE!
Thanks for your knowledge and teachings that have helped me and so many others! Keep up that good work!
— Sherry Clarke
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