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How can you gain major impact from our comprehensive Whole Body CleansingSM programs ?

The Koyman Whole Body Cleansing processes help people in ther Atlanta area and across the country  clean out toxins… unclog internal organs… and strengthen their immune systems. Our colonics and specialized programs help with a variety of issues related to discomfort, dysfunction, and disease.

Health conditions such as…

The Koyfman Difference

Koyfman Colonic Systems

Health Problems

Our proprietary colonics and internal body cleansing programs have helped our clients in the Atlanta area and way beyond, with health problems such as…


Over Weight


Chronic Fatigue




Lyme Disease




Yeast Infections




Skin Problems


Sinus Problems

Liver Problems


Gallbladder Stones (Gallstones)


Kidney Stones




Blood Pressure




Digestive Problems


Chronic Headaches


Brain fog


Low Energy

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Proprietary Programs

Koyfman Whole Body Cleansingsm


What are these unique and proprietary colonic and specialized cleansing programs that  health-conscious Atlanta people are talking about?  


Think of the Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing program as “clearing up traffic jams throughout the city.”  The colon gets clogged up. Small intestine, liver and other organs get overwhelmed and backed up, too. Toxins accumulate, nutrients don’t absorb properly, and all sorts of health problems can start to develop.


Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing is a comprehensive internal cleansing process using colonic irrigation and other specialized processes which clears our toxins and unclogs your internal organs, including...

  • Large Intestine

  • Small Intestine

  • Stomach

  • Liver

  • Gall Bladder

  • Pancreas

  • Lymph System

Each of the Whole Body Cleansing programs detoxifies all of the organs in your body.


The "levels" include the number and sequence of cleanses that address your goals.


Long-standing issues generally suggest a more comprehensive program.

These signature Whole Body Cleansing combines multiple processes, and can be paced over a period of many weeks, or intensively over a shorter  period.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Koyfman Accelerated Program

for Locals or Out Of State

This short-term intensive Whole Body Cleansing spa program cleans out all internal systems.  We invite people in the Atlanta area and all around the country to experience this thorough program of eliminating toxins and comprehensive rejuvenation.



Customized colonics & internal body cleansing programs in Atlanta area


You may need a particular combination of services to bring your body back into optimal vibrant health. 


You may also add components to the program — for example, some people want to sweat out toxins with our FAR Infrared Sauna on every visit… we can set that up for you.


Our experts will help you evaluate your needs, plan a program, and monitor your progress. 

Discounted packages for Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing are now available, and can be customized to your needs. 

CLICK HERE for discounted packages.

We customize programs for you,
based on your needs and goals.
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“... I have suffered from constipation all of my life. Dr. Koyfman told me that I would need more than just colon cleanses to get rid of my problem, but I was amazed to see that even after my first procedure I felt so much better! I felt light and clean. I was even able to go to the restroom on my own without any laxatives or any other help. His staff is great and very knowledgeable. I can’t wait to feel even better...”

Tina K.


What are the benefits of Koyfman Cleanses?

Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing brings you truly unique colonic irrigation processes to cleanse your body of toxins and blockages, so your body can function properly and you can feel great.

get rid of constipation

build a stronger immune system gain more energy

improve your skin condition    

get a deeper night sleep

improve digestion                    


absorb nutrients properly

lose some extra weight

regain mental clarity

look younger

feel better…feel great   

Open v. Closed

Would you like to know more about the difference between Open and Closed colonic systems? These are part of our overall proprietary processes for detoxification, including specialized specialized colonic irrigation, specialized exercises, FAR Infrared Sauna and all-natural organ-cleansing herbal mixtures.

Open v. Closed Colonics

Pricing for our proprietary
Whole Body Cleansing Services

WBC Open System
Program 1
WBC Closed System
Program 2
WBC Closed System with Sauna
Program 3
WBC Closed System with Sauna
Program 4 

We'll be pleased to provide details and explanations  of these services, and create a program  that matches your needs and goals.

Come back again soon as we update our programs and packages.

WBC Prices

These remarkable books are available at the front desk.

These books feature the pioneering thinking and work of Dr. Yakov Koyfman, a naturopathic healthcare specialist, who founded our unique cleansing clinic.


Koyfman developed proprietary colonic irrigation and internal cleansing methodologies from methods learned around the globe that help people regain optimal health. He shares his thinking behind these approaches, and specific techniques. You will not find this perspective and information anywhere else… and you'll gain the benefits of these techniques for the rest of your lifetime. And you can pass these on!


"The Koyfman Center," as it used to be known has been a family business, and  is now run by Igor Koyfman, who worked with Dr. Koyfman for over 10 years.

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