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Your Body Signals: Your body will tell you when something is wrong. 
Are you toxic? Are you listening?


Is it okay to have a

Healing Crisis?

Let's Get Real:


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It’s important to listen and understand your body's language.  If you learn to observe and understand your body's language, you will be able to detect and prevent many future disorders and illnesses before they flare up.


Here are some of the signals your body sends to you, which likely indicate there is a problem that you should take care of, before it gets worse…


Skin: Healthy skin does not have any irritations, pimples, boils. It should be evenly colored, moderately moist, and feel good and firm to touch. Appearance of itching, pimples, pain or redness, increased dryness or oiliness, etc, indicates disorders.


Tongue:  A healthy tongue does not have any coating. Its color should be pink and even. Any coating, change in color, cracks, increase of the tongue's size, dryness, etc., suggest disorders in internal organs, especially in the digestive organs. Appearance of coating on the tongue is a first signal that digestive organs need cleansing. You can check this right after awakening, with a mirror. 


Appetite.  A healthy appetite is shown by a moderate need to eat simple  healthy products, which satisfy and fill the body.  

  • If the appetite is too strong it may indicate you are lacking in nutrients, because your clogged organs are not absorbing nutrients properly. You may crave empty calories, or there may be sugar imbalance in the blood or even parasites.  

  • If the appetite weakens, your digestive system may be overwhelmed. It will be necessary to completely cleanse the digestive system. Stop eating and wait for a real hunger.


Low Energy. A healthy body is full of energy and vitality. A drop in energy, or a need for extra sleep, are likely signals of poor diet or toxicity.


Pain. If you feel pain or discomfort  in your digestive system — you’ll feel it in your stomach or pelvis — your body may be “clogged up” and restrict its natural processing.


Your Stool:  Too dark,  foul smell, loose or too hard; your bowel movements are not regular (should be 2-3 times per day).


Saliva: Sticky, thick, dry, too much saliva or too little


Nails:  Hard, soft, or brittle; have white spots, ridges, or dark spots.


Sweat:  Too much, too little, or foul smell.


Urine:  Dark yellow,  too little, or too often, bad smell.


Sleep:  Issues may include sleeping too deeply, falling asleep suddenly, waking up often, not getting enough sleep, go to the bathroom often.


Pulse:  too fast, or irregular.


These problems will signal you of possible disorders, and you will be able to take appropriate actions to prevent serious problems. (This is not a medical diagnosis, but it will help you maintain your good health.)


We can recommend a program that helps your body deal with these and similar issues… boost your immune system.… and regain vibrant health.


Am I Toxic
Healing Crisis

Why is it okay to have a “Healing Crisis”?
You may — or may not — have a “healing crisis” as you start out on the road to optimum health.
A ‘Healing Crisis” means you might feel a little worse as you’re moving towards feeling better. This can happen when you stir up the toxins in your body. It may uncover some underlying disorder which your body is “compensating around,” and you might feel a little queasy or nauseous.
Makes sense, right? You try to suppress the physical sensations of discomfort for years, and now you’re "shaking up the system," releasing long-stored toxins.
The bad news about a healing crisis?   Not having it when you need it, and continuing to have your body deal with problems and try to work around them.
The good news?  If it happens, it doesn’t tend to last very long, usually a few minutes during the process, a few hours, or most rarely, a couple days at most.
It is part of your journey to optimum health.

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When You Think About It
… being healthy, without carrying around gunk and junk inside your body, is probably a good idea!

Am I paying attention to the signals my body is sending? How am I really doing?

This Self Evaluation is me to review… to keep, or send to our clinic.

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, send in this Self-Evaluation… bring it in… or call us at ‭(770) 798-8667‬


When your body becomes congested or clogged, it begins sending signals that it has accumulated toxicity, and internal organs are not properly functioning. 


Most of us have been told to ignore aches and pains because they will pass on their own. And that is partly true.


Aches, pain and discomfort are the body's scream for help.


When the body sends us a signal of a disorder and we just ignore it, after time it stops sending these important signals. So pain or discomfort disappears, but the problem remains…and grows stronger, turning into illness without any further signals. And unfortunately, it often emerges when it is too late to do anything about it.


So please remember the golden rules of keeping the good health…

  • Pay attention to your body. Do not be deaf and blind when it is asking you for help. Do not miss those very first, important signals your body sends.

  • Give your body all the necessary help on time. And a powerful and fundamental, approach — which limits the development of illness — includes internal cleansing, good diet, juice therapy, exercise, and fasting.


Ever since I had my baby, 5 years ago, I have not been “normal”. Constant lack of energy, forgetfulness and bad mood. I haven’t been able to be good a mother or wife.


I decided to try his cleansing procedures and Oh, My God! I am reborn. My memory is great. I think clearly. My energy level jumped through the roof. I finally lost all the “baby weight.” It turned out that everything was caused by the candida overgrowth and hormonal imbalance.


I am finally able to enjoy my family and not scared to have more kids. My whole life style changed and I am glad that now I can teach it to my kids.

--Rita K. N.Y, N.Y

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