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Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing brings you the best specialized colonic irrigation in Atlanta and anywhere else, unblocks digestive system and  helps you maintain your health 


If you're feeling sluggish… bloated or constipated…
low-energy or run-down…

…you're in the right place. Because your body is likely telling you it's fed up with what you've fed it, and you've got toxins in your system!

The internal cleansing specialists at Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing work with you to cleanse your body from a range of harmful toxins and chemicals…which come from food, air and water.


And we work with you to unclog your internal organs.


These toxins, chemicals and blockages can cause discomfort, dysfunction and disease.


We use use proprietary cleansing systems and processes. We happen to be in the Atlanta area in Norcross — and you can't get these anywhere else in the world.


We invite you to start your own cleansing… go with the flow.


Rejuvenate… start feeling great again!


What are the benefits of Koyfman Cleanses?

Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing brings you truly unique processes to cleanse your body of toxins and blockages… so your body can function properly, and you can feel great.

get rid of constipation

build a stronger immune system gain more energy

improve your skin condition    

get a deeper night sleep

improve digestion                    


absorb nutrients properly

lose some extra weight

regain mental clarity

look younger

feel better…feel great   



Years of Experience

Generations of Service


Of New & Returning Clients

Getting Clean Every Year


Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing features the pioneering work of Dr. Yakov Koyfman, a naturopathic healthcare specialist, who has studied internal cleansing processes used around the world, and developed proprietary methodologies that help people regain optimal health. The center is now run by Igor Koyfman, who worked with Dr. Koyfman for over 10 years.

My blood pressure is much lower and my blood pressure medication was reduced two times. My joints are not swollen I don’t get water retention any more and don’t feel bloated. Feels like all of my body systems are functioning much better. This is so much more than I ever expected. I am amazed. I am rejuvenated. I am alive again!
— Roy Bryant
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"Only a few visits and my hot flashes were gone for good, liver sourness was gone, I've lost 35 pounds in about 2 months and my energy jumped through the roof. I feel better and younger than I ever did in my life."

— Luda

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